Saturday, January 20, 2007

The reason for this Blog

My reason for making this blog:
This blog will be my fitness diary. I am hoping it will keep me motivated to improve my physical self.

But first some history:
Like most people, there was a time when I was in pretty good shape. It was about fifteen years ago. I was in my mid to late twenties. I had a physical job and I commuted every day on my bicycle. I enjoyed my fitness immensely. When I wasn't working I would be out on the trails on my mountain bike or training for marathons. At one time I was 155 pounds and in the best shape of my life.

I don't know what exactly happened, but somehow it changed. I fell out of that wonderful lifestyle and started getting FAT. My weight climbed up to 215 pounds at one point (January 2005). That made me get motivated and I lost about 20 to 25 pounds through diet and exercise, and even trained for, and finished, another marathon.

That marathon was not very enjoyable though. I didn't have a good solid base prior to beginning the training and I was still fairly heavy; about 190 pounds. That extra weight really beat up my feet, knees and hips. After the marathon and recuperating I tried to get back into it again but I just couldn't. I stopped training and my weight started it's climb again.

Fast forward to Christmas 2006, I peaked at 207.4 pounds. This disgusted me and I made a new years resolution. Lose 50 pounds and get back in shape.

How I planned to accomplish this was to start going to the gym, follow a sensible diet and by not consuming alcohol. The alcohol part is only until I reach my goal. I love beer and wine and I believe they have a place in a healthy lifestyle if consumed in moderation. This will be a bit of a reward for me if I reach my goal. Also feeling better and having more energy will be the ultimate reward.

Wish me luck


Gripperm said...

By having a blog you will keep yourself more motivated. I suggest that you set one BIG goal and then set small goals to reach that one BIG goal in the end.

BurgerBuns said...

Thanks for incouraging words.