Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baby it's cold outside.

I just went for my first outdoor run this year. The temperature was -18C (-0.4F) with a -26C (-14.8F) Wind chill. Actually a mild day compared to recent temps. On Monday it was -41C.

I first set out wearing long johns, tights, long sleeved athletic shirt, a fleece top, windbreaker and a balaclava. I ran for 2 minutes before turning back to get my toque to wear on top of my balaclava. (if your not Canadian you are probably wondering "what’s a toque?") Goggle’s your friend!
Though I've ran in much colder temps in the past, it’s been so long that it was actually a very pleasant change.

Tomorrow I'm going back to the grotto for my workout though.

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